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Why Africa?
Africa’s excellent soil and weather make it a leading exporter of many crops, including tea, coffee, and tropical flowers. However, amid the natural resources the people experience vast discrepancies in wealth, power and opportunities which contribute to many social problems, preventing the average citizen from fulfilling his God-given purpose. Planting Faith’s mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by working to elevate subsistence farmers in Africa to sustainability.

Why Farming?

Over 70% of Africa’s population relies upon agriculture for their livelihoods, and the majority of those individuals are small-scale farmers who are land rich (owning 1-5 acres), but are cash poor (average income: $350 annually).

After decades of over-use, much of the land will only support 10 months of a family’s food consumption. But, subsistence farmers who live hand to mouth, cannot supplement the loss of food during drought, political unrest, or plant diseases and pests.

Planting Faith changes that. We provide a farming group framework to mitigate losses, increase buying power, and demonstrate inexpensive but efficacious techniques. These tools demonstrate the provision of Jesus Christ and provide a platform to share the Gospel.




The Tiptons
Horace and Anne Tipton founded Planting Faith Ministries in 2004 and moved from Memphis, Tennessee to Kenya in 2005 with their two children, Horace Jr. and Mary Shea. They lived there until June 2012. They currently reside in the U.S., and Horace travels back and forth to Africa on a regular basis, spending several months a year there.

Horace farmed and worked in agribusiness his entire working career. Using decades of knowledge, Horace is able to address the issues that confront Kenyan farmers. Early in the ministry, discipleship became a key component to the Planting Faith strategy fulfilling the call to be proclaimers and doers of the word.